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Revegårdsvegen 15, 9130 Hansnes

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The Amazing Aurora Tour We will straight away drive to the best spots for watching the Aurora. Sometimes we will have to drive further inland if the weather is bad, to Kvaløya or even into Finland. When the weather is good and the sky is clear we will drive to our base camp located an hour drive from Tromsø, nearby a freshwater lake called Skogsfjordvannet. It is an exceptional spot for catching the sight of the lights. At our camp we will serve you a meal, or a snack, in the grill hut, and you can warm yourself on the fire. If you fancy trying ice-fishing on the lake, we will make it possible for you. If you are lucky – you might catch one! If you are on one of our tours which has warm meal included then you will get to try our homemade salmon fish soup.

Revegårdsvegen 15, 9130 Hansnes

Flyfoto: Kart: Revegårdsvegen 15, 9130 Hansnes