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Applied petroleum technology AS

Sven Oftedals vei 6, 0950 Oslo Vis kart

Postboks 173 Kalbakken, 0903 Oslo

Our dedicated employees are the heart and soul of APT. Our employees include scientific staff (Petroleum Geochemists and Biostratigraphers, Palynologists and Micropalaentologists), laboratory staff (Engineers and Technicians) and administrative staff (Managing Director, QA Manager, Marketing Manager). We have extensive experience acquired in oil companies, research organisations, service companies as well as relevant fields other than the oil industry. Our scientific staff cover a wide range of expertise gained from many parts of the globe, dealing with many and varied projects. The unique combination of in-house geological services and a staff boasting extensive off-shore and oil company experience provides a competitive edge to the quality of services for the petroleum industry.

Mobiltelefon 453 96 000
Sentralbord 63 80 60 00
E-post nm@aptec.no
E-post post@aptec.no
Hjemmeside www.aptec.no

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